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Perceptual Control Theory
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People as Living Things: The Psychology of Perceptual Control
Philip J. Runkel  

“This comprehensive text is a superb overview of Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) and its practical applications for individuals, groups, schools, and organizations of all kinds. Runkel's style is personal, immediate, and often humorous. The book is written for the layperson and professionals interested in obtaining a deeper understanding of PCT and its meaning for people and society.

This book is the result of 18 years of immersion in Perceptual Control Theory, a new conception of human functioning. In these pages, Runkel introduces the theory and shows its implications for numerous aspects of human experience, thereby illustrating its significance and challenging crucial contemporary notions of how humans and human relationships can work.”

—copy courtesy of the publisher

Includes a CD with more background on PCT, working demonstration programs by Powers and friends illustrating some of the key principles of PCT, and more.

523 pages, multiple References, Name and Subject Indexes
Large format (8.5 x 11 two-columns) paperback. $65.00 USD + s/h

© 2004  Living Control Systems Publications   ISBN #0-9740155-0-4

Introduction to Modern Psychology:  The Control-Theory View
Edited by Richard J. Robertson and William T. Powers

This textbook on the control-theory approach to the science of psychology is also a general psychology text based on the control-system model.

Used in universities since 1990, this book offers first a thorough grounding in the fundamental theory. This useful book applies control theory to the biology of learning, to developmental psychology, to clinical psychology and more. For classroom or personal  study, this is an excellent introduction to PCT.

220 pages, References & Index. Paperback. 220 pages, References & Index.
Paperback. $29.95 USD + s/h
© 1999 Benchmark Publications Inc. ISBN #0-9647121-6-4

"This is a book that can show a willing psychologist how to do a new kind of research. The theme that runs through all these papers is modeling, the ultimate way of finding out what a theory really means.

Richard Marken is a skilled modeler.... But he has a talent that goes beyond putting ideas into the form of working simulations, a talent that can be admired but is hard to imitate. He finds the essence of a problem and an elegantly simple way to cast it in the form of a demonstration or an experiment."

—From the Foreword by William T. Powers

212 pages. References, Diagrams, Graphs and Index.  $18.00 USD + s/h
© 1992   Richard S. Marken, A Control Systems Group Book ISBN 0-9624154-3-X

More Mind Readings: Methods and Models in the Study of Purpose
Richard S. Marken

The scientific methods of PCT are "... the nearest approach I know of to mind reading."

—William T. Powers, BYTE, September, 1979, p. 109

"A delight to read. Marken writes lucidly and compellingly."

—Bruce Gregory, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

This collection of papers and essays describing scientific tests of the Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) model of purposeful behavior “ essential reading for anyone who wants to know where psychology is…headed.

—William T. Powers, author of Behavior: The Control of Perception

ISBN 0-9704701-7-7 200 pages including bibliography: $18.00 + s/h paper

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