How the Captain Got His Job


Phineas T. Benchmark, Esq. USN Ret.

Long ago, in way-off California, before the days of InDesign, PageMaker or FrontPage, we designed a turnkey seminar on the value of document design. One component was an amusement on disk and slides, a brief history of written communications.

Our favorite cartoonist opened the show with a USPS caveman delivering rock carvings from his animal-skin mail pouch. The story progressed through the invention of the Gutenberg Press, the advent of the Magna Carta and those wobbly type-balls on the first electronic typewriters. Along the way, we met Remington, of firearms fame, who was also the inventor of the typewriter. We renamed him and adopted him as our mascot and the rest, as they say, is history. We are forever indebted to Trish Cleary, cartoonist-inventor, for our leader, our talisman, our inspiration...
Captain Phineas T. Benchmark, Esquire, U.S. Navy, Retired.

As the Captain says, "Make words, not swords."