Behavior: The Control of Perception

William T. Powers

From the original book jacket:

"Powers' [book] gives social scientists--finally--an alternative to both behaviorism and psychoanalysis. It provides a way, both elegant and sophisticated, to include the basic contributions of both without being partisan or converted. It allows us to bring the soma, culture, society, behavior and experience into a single framework. We now know much more than we did before this book was published." --Paul J. Bohannan, Stanley G. Harris Professor of Social Science, Northwestern University.


The Dilemmas of Behaviorism         Fifth-order Control Systems: Control of Sequence
Models and Generalizations The Brain's Model
Premises Higher Levels
Feedback and Behavior Learning
The Control-system Unit of Organization Memory
A Hierarchy of Control Systems Experimental Methods
First-order Control Systems: Intensity Control Conflict and Control
Second-order Control Systems: Sensation Control or Vector Control Emotion: "The Missing chapter"
Third-order Control Systems: Configuration Control Appendix: Control System Operation and Stability
Fourth-order Control Systems: Control of Transitions Bibliography

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