Mind Readings
Experimental Studies of Purpose 

by Dr. Richard Marken

Mind Readings, Experimental Studies of Purpose is a collection of twelve papers on Perceptual Control Theory (PCT), for the most part describing experimental tests and demonstrations in support of PCT. Beginning with a formal description of behavior as a process of control, Marken shows how to detect intentional behavior, demonstrates that control is not a lineal cause-effect sequence, critiques the notion of environmental control of behavior, builds models of hierarchical control systems, and concludes by suggesting possible applications of perceptual control theory in human factors engineering..Previously published in various scholarly journals.

"..the publication of this collection marks the end of an era in which my research focused largely on what is wrong with current theories of behavior and the beginning of an era in which my research will focus almost exclusively on what is right with control theory."

From the Introduction to Mind Readings, by the author..


Purposeful Behavior     The Nature of Behavior: Control as Fact and Theory1
Mind Reading Intentional and Accidental Behavior: A Control Theory Analysis2
Behavior in the First Degree3
The Causal Circle The Cause of Control Movements in a Tracking Task4
Closed-Loop Behavior: Human Performance as Control of Input5
Control of Consequences Selection of Consequences: Adaptive Behavior from Random Reinforcement6
Random-Walk Chemotaxis: Trial and Error as a Control Process7
Hierarchical Control Levels of Intention in Behavior8
Spreadsheet Analysis of a Hierarchical Control System Model of Behavior9
Coordination Perceptual Organization of Behavior: A Hierarchical Control Model
of Coordinated Action10
Degrees of Freedom in Behavior11
Applications Human Factors and Human Nature: Is Psychological Theory Really Necessary?12

 1- Behavioral Science
 2 - Psychological Reports
 3 - Volitional Action
 4 - Perceptual and Motor Skills
 5 - Paper, Western Psychological Association Meeting
 6 - Psychological Reports
 7 - [with William T. Powers] Behavioral Neuroscience
 - [with William T. Powers]
Volitional Action
 9 - Behavior Research Methods, Instruments & Computers
10 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 
11 - Psychological Science
12 - Human Factors Society Bulletin  

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